Thursday, September 24, 2009

Start your Engines #4

In the cleanup position is the transportation side of developing downtown and linking it with campus. I propose that we put in a path directly from NDSU to the Downtown campus to promote bicycles and walking. Maybe this could be developed into something more?? What about winter?? What about the bridges it crosses?? All issues that I need to investigate.

Red- path from campus to Barry
Blue- path downtown between buildings

Conclusion- This is a look into the future of this area. WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, HOW are all questions that i am asking myself and the answers are hard to predict, however, with a little spark that NDSU has started down here why is it so crazy that this district develop into a small version of Minneapolis or Milwaukee downtown (both upper Midwest cities that I like)?? I believe that Fargo has some serious potential and lets face it people are not drawn here because of our majestic scenery or our amazing weather. Lets give people a reason why Fargo is a culturally diverse, unique city that is attractive to anyone.

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