Tuesday, September 8, 2009

according to me (even if they sound nuts)

1) Construction of downtown buildings must have at least 50% similar facade materials as the adjacent building.

2) Close Broadway off between 1st and 2nd Ave. after 6pm to foster and promote more pedestrian activity on the street and allow restaurants and shops to set up on the street.

3) Propose a parking ramp where the parking lots are to the east of the civic center in order to open up the parking lot between 2nd and 3rd ave (in front of US bank) in order to develop an outdoor music venue or farmers market.

4) Build a sky way so that you are able to walk the entire downtown from main to 6th ave. Have it open 24/7 so that businesses are more attractive in this venue.

5) In order to solve parking problems build a light rail from osgood area (South Fargo) to Trollwood (North Fargo). With a possible extension to Moorhead or even Dilworth.

6) Build a pet friendly zone in island park in order to accommodate people who have pets.

7) Offer incentives to all commercial vendors (i.e. grocery store, clothes store) so that they can open up there own "mall" in the downtown district and foster a variety of shops downtown.

8) Build a student union downtown that offers campus conveniences such as tuition payment, bookstore, etc.

9) Build a "sidewalk" from NDSU to Downtown NDSU in order to prevent accidents and make it easier for students to walk, bike, rollerblading, or any other non-motor form of commuting.

10) Establish with conjunction with the Fargo planning office and F-M visitors bureau a office that will promote and advertise downtown Fargo to potential residents or commercial entities. This office will directly work with real estate agents, concert promoters, developers, and local businesses so that the downtown is more attractive to all types of people.

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