Friday, October 2, 2009

Union Program

As it stands right now I feel as if a new union site would be the most crucial/ possible program to go into the downtown. Sense we are architects we are visual learners so i will first post a diagram for how I think this site could all come together. Briefly to recap this idea, i am proposing a new "downtown" student union. It would be located directly across from Barry Hall to the south between 1st and 2nd street with 10th street running alongside its western border. Here is the site map.

So hopefully you can read the map, if not that's OK, it basically outlines where and what I want to put on this site. This can also be done by identifying the program, so why not?

Union Program/ Spaces:
Bison Connection Room
Study Lounge
Rec Room
Meeting Room
Coffee shop
Convenience Store
Green Space
Work Space (behind the scenes stuff)
Union Lawn
Water Feature
Ice skating rink (for winter months)
lawn bowling
sand volleyball courts??

So basically these are the proposed spaces that would be included in this development. Also don't forget all the standard spaces such as parking, toilets, utilities, storage, and entry/ exit spaces.

Any suggestions??

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