Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Case Study 2- Richmond

This is a nice urban plan in that it is a solution to what the city needs specifically. Jackson Ward is a endagered historic district of the city and was in need of a solution to figure out how to increase development and tourism.

Here is some of the initiative-

Our Philosophy for the Jackson Ward Phase I: (Master plan we are presenting) To build a smooth bridge between "one of the biggest business centers in the City of Richmond" and "One of the 11 Most Endangered Places in the National Trust for Historic Preservation." Create this bridge based on studies, work with representatives of Jackson Ward neighborhood, the RRHA, The City of Richmond, and Richmond business leaders. "The Historic Jackson Ward neighborhood has been one of America's most vibrant African-American districts, once bursting with the sounds of jazz and prosperity." Jazz is an international language and can provide communication for all walks of life, and we chose this language to influence our design efforts.

What to learn

By using an existing feature of this place (jazz music) they were able to not only develop and attraction, but add on more infustructure so that other needs of the area were addressed. When there is development of multi-use buildings it is approprate to realize that in the future there will be a need for new uses or functions so the architecture can respond by adding in spaces that otherwise might not have been built or in a certin way.

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