Thursday, December 17, 2009

Final- Student Union

Boys Ranch Site-

This is a site that in Fargo could be something special. However, sense I have started working on the project there has actually been some development and there seems to be a warehouse or commercial building of some sort being put up. However, i will talk about it anyways and see what we can learn from it.

The boys Ranch sense it is located in the middle of the path from campus to downtown campus there is an opportunity to create a niche. This would be a great place to stop and could develop into a community within a community. There would be a sheltered plaza with a water feature in the middle. Creation of an architecture that would facilitate for green living is also important. Using large balconies and terraced roofs that could hold gardens so everyone could have a place.

here it is

Also, viewing the site map there is the layout of all the projects that have been proposed this semester. Basically taking a look at 10th st. and seeing what else could be there and what possibilities are open. This always doesn't mean if we make all the parking lots into buildings then we will accomplish our goal. It is more of a responsible way of constructing a place where humans are the number one user (where as our urban context can be seen as a car friendly place more then a human friendly)

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